Mx. Zeloszelos Marchandt:

....Has been called a tapestry of an individual. They are the Evening News and Public Affairs Director for KBOO 90.7 FM, covering local, state, national, international news, art and culture. They were also the co-host of the show QTPOC Talk for nearly two years tackling issues of race and gender intersections for queer and transgender people of color.  They've curated programming, produced, photographed and written for several years on a variety of topics that include art infrastructure and sustainability, ecology, public policy, queer and transgender rights, food culture, history and equality. Their work has appeared in  PQ Monthly,  Willamette Week,  NW Kids Magazine, Portland Family Magazine,  The Drainage and Travel Portland . They've guested on other podcasts like Chocolate and Caramel and performed their food and literature driven multimedia performances through the Tender Table series and Literary Arts. They reside in the Portland metro area of Oregon on a tiny farm in a tiny house.

Current favorite quote, " 'We only hurt others when we're incapable of imagining them.' Cruelty is caused by a failure of the imagination. The inability to assign the same feelings and values to another person that you harbor in yourself. So I help people to imagine me, Black women, men and children, in all of our beautiful and terrible selves." - Sonia Sanchez, quoting Carlos Fuentes.