Mx. Zeloszelos Marchandt (They/Them, He/Him):

....Has been called a tapestry of an individual. An interdisciplinary artist (originally from Nashville, TN) based in the NW from a wee age, they grew to use art, public service and communications as a way to bring positive change into the world. Their voice, physical theater and visual art have taken them coast to coast and abroad. Over the course of several years involving free-lancing multi-media projects, A&E, public policy and social justice collaborations, they began to see a crucial need to increase the protection, visibility and success of QTPOC’s (queer, transgender people of color) with specific programs and education dedicated to news, art and stories about queer and trans, black people.

From 2015 to 2018, they were the Evening News and Public Affairs Director for KBOO 90.7 FM, covering local, state, national, international news, art and culture. The investigative team they oversaw, research and stories covered under their direction took local, pacific northwest news about ICE, Patriot Prayer and Proud Boy movements, transgender state policy employment and civil rights, and the Oregon State welfare system to national levels in collaboration with other journalists, researchers and newsrooms. They were also the co-host of the broadcast show QTPOC Talk for nearly two years tackling issues of race and gender intersections for queer and transgender people of color. Their work has appeared in The Portland Mercury, PQ Monthly,  Willamette Week,  NW Kids Magazine, Portland Family Magazine,  The Drainage and Travel Portland . They've guested o, other podcasts like Chocolate and Caramel and performed their food and literature driven multimedia performances at local pop ups and larger organizations like Literary Arts.

These days they are continuing their education in investigative, forensic and mortuary sciences while continuing to tell and perform great stories. They reside in the Portland metro area of Oregon on a small farm, in a small house.