Mx. Zeloszelos Marchandt:

Is a tapestry of an individual. They are the Evening News and Public Affairs Director for KBOO 90.7 FM, covering local, state, national, international news, art and culture. They are also the co-host of the show QTPOC Talk which airs the third Tuesday of each month- currently moving to a podcast format on itunes.  They've written for several years on a variety of topics that include music and art infrastructure, public policy, food culture, history, and race. Their work has appeared in  PQ Monthly,  Willamette Week,  NW Kids Magazine, Portland Family Magazine,  The Drainage, Travel Portland and was recently a guest on Chocolate and Caramel. Their other projects run the gamut from tech and research to different creative pursuits in photography, illustration and story boarding to reflect their love of the wild, performance, physical theater, poetry, music, and human possibility.